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Αυτή η υπηρεσία μπορεί να σας βοηθήσει να γίνετε πιο αποτελεσματικοί στην τάξη και στο μάθημα σας γενικότερα...

stdLogon - Online Help File

Please visit the following pages of the Seminar about How to Install / configure and manage a Synology Server for your school as well as on how to install / configure and use the stdLogon Computer Lab software.

  • When you ask for all the student names and ID numbers, the schools secretary will export them for you from AVAKIO in the following format.

  • Watch out of two things:
    • First, All students are in one file
    • Second, the sheet names are most likely in Greek
  • You have to copy paste them into new Excel files as described below


When you get your data from Avakio,
you should have 3 fields:
Επώνυμο, Όνομα, Μητρώο
then you should add a 4th field
for the team of each student
Επώνυμο, Όνομα, Μητρώο, Ομάδα
1. Make sure that your data is on
   Sheet1 and the name of the sheet
   is Sheet1
2. Make sure that each class of
   students is a separate Excel
   file: A01.xls, ... G09.xls, etc.
   Don't worry if you have students
   with 2 First names as the convertion
   function of the program will take
   care of that problem for you.
   Remember to double check you data
   once it is converted to make sure
   that everything is ok before you
   try to import it to the Server.
   Especially check for duplicate
   names that will create duplicate
   usernames and manually change that
   if it happens.

  • If you don't add the 4th field with the team details for each student then the program will ask you for each student to enter the team, ex. a or b.
  • In order to convert the above Excel files (A1.xlsx, A2.xlsx, ...... Ax.xlsx to the correct format for your Server, you need to follow the steps below.
  • Once you have installed the teacher.exe module of the stdLogon program you need to follow several steps in order to convert you student class files from Excel to the various formats needed by the system as shown below:

  • Once you have converted all your students into the various files formats (tab delimeted, csv, moodle, sql,....) you should have the original files looking like the following example and the newly created files as follows:

  • The converted files will look like the following:

  • To create the acctual user accounts for all your students on the Server, you need to follow the steps below: